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Advantages of THC capsules vs Dispensaries

The current medical pot distribution system is not a viable economic model for getting medical pot to the people. for numerous reasons:

  • The bottom line, is that the CA medical pot and other State's medical pot laws do not work. My "un-compassionate" CA pot dispensary has made me into a heroin (oxycotin) addict, because I cannot afford to buy my pot, or Drs letter, or a card. I am also a very sick patient with serious nerve disease for which pot works really well when I can afford it.

    The sole purpose of the CA Medical Pot law was to allow very sick patients a legal defense to use medical pot. Selling legal medical pot at illegal prices is wrong ethically and is illegal (since by CA state law medical pot providers are suppose to be non-profit operations).

  • IMHO, It is unethical and illegal to sell legal marijuana at illegal prices. It's called price gouging!!! Would you pay $8 for a bottle of beer? Well, thats what a bottle of beer cost during prohibition. About 80 cents then and $8 in today's money.

    Or, would you pay $1,000 to have a tire fixed?

    Or, would you pay $6,400 for a head of lettuce which weights about a pound? Well, thats what my "compassionate" pot provider would sell me a 1/8 oz for $50 (50*8*16). Lettuce is sold by the ton, not by the 1/8, 1/4, ounce, or gram. Its a plant!!!! Farmers, would be happy to get $1,000 for each lettuce plant they grow.

    Laotian farmers are growing medical pot in the rich farm land of California's central valley are making big bucks. Growing pot in good soil of the valley and in the sun, they grow thousands of plants on just one 140 acre farm. Their pot plants grow over ten feet tall the size of trees and yeild 3 to 10 pounds per plant. About $2,500 in state and $4,000 out of state. So, 10 pounds of pot on one plant yields $25,000 per plant. Or, $40,000 if they sell the pot out of state. Whereas, a tomato plant yeilds only pennies.

  • IMHO, THC capsules are really the best and the only practical way to distribute medical pot to the masses. Gasoline is not made in kitchens sold in pop bottles and distribute in mom & pop stores to the masses. Gasoline is made in refineries and sold in gas stations!

    Current medical pot users, mostly ex or current pot smokers, are just the tip of the iceberg of potential medical pot users. There are literally millions of potential medical pot patients. Distributing medical pot via dispensaries or delivery services would be a insane way to dispense pot to the masses.

    When I visit my Drs waiting rooms, I am constantly amazed at the seriously ill patients that are clueless as to how medical pot will help them. Most think that medical pot is only useful for pain or will get them high. Seriously ill patients are not trying to get high but are trying to achieve a state of "normalcy". Some folks take cough syrup to get high while others take it to deal with their colds and drink massive amounts of it.

    Very few of the medical pot users are really sick. Most are just "medicating" to get high. Studies done on Colorado Dispensaries report that only 1% of users are seriously ill.

    This country already has a excellent system for delivering drugs safely and efficiently to the masses. It's called the "drug store".

    California pot dispensaries were set up to delivery pot when it was illegal to dispense medical pot under Federal law. In California Pot Dispensaries justified their high prices for the Federal risk they took. But, by CA law Senate Bill 420 they are not suppose to be storefronts. Instead, they are required to be non-profit collectives. Where pot is distributed free to members of the collective whom grow it. Also no one owns the collective.

    However, now that medical pot is Federally legal (if you follow state law) medical pot should now be distributed in drug stores as are all my other drugs are. IMHO, pot providers crossed a line when they continued to sell medical pot at the old illegal prices.

    There are over 50 million peple in the USA that can't afford heath insurance. How are they suppose to afford $50 for 1/8 of a ounce of pot per week, or $200/month? Medicine is just not for the rich who have health insurance it is for everyone that needs it for life threatening issues. Street prices are insane for medical pot!

  • The pricing structure for selling medical pot is more suitable for illegal pot sales than it is for medical pot. When folks buy illegal pot they are trying to get "high" and need only very small quanities to do so. Illegal pot is sold in very small quanities like a gram, 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, or a oz to accommodate getting "high".

    Whereas, medical pot users need large quantities to "medicate" daily. Most pot users are allowed to grow "pounds" for their personal use. Each pot plant yields between 1-2 pounds of pot (dried flowers of the female plant). Most states allow medical users to grow at least 10 plants per year for their personal use. Very sick folks are allowed up to 50 plants here in California.

    Would you buy your "Zanax" by the pill or would you buy it by the bottle? Currently, buying medical pot is like buying it by the "pill" instead of the by the bottle. Why should buying medical pot be any different than buying "Zanax" at my local drug store? What makes it so special? Greed!!

    Drug companies would just love to sell their drugs by the pill instead of by the bottle.They could increase their profits by the millions or billions.

  • The website medical marijuana pro/con.org suggest a daily high dose would be 3 joints a day or 1.5g for a high does. Where 0.5g is equal to one joint. Pro/con also recomends 0.5g for a daily low dose. The average daily dose would be 1 gram (1.5+.5/2)

    Pro/con suggests "Marijuana is typically purchased by patients in 1/8 ounce (3.5 grams) quantities at a usual purchase price of $50 per 1/8 ounce for marijuana that is considered moderate to high quality.

    IMHO,$60 for a 1/8 is rather high so I would use $50 for 1/8 a ounce. Then the average per gram daily cost is therefore considered to be $14.28.($50/3.5g) per gram .

    Hence, a average daily dose of 1 gram of medical pot would cost $14.28 daily, monthly $443 ($14.28*310), and yearly $5,314 ($443*12) for medical.

    These figure would be higher if the patient used more than 1 gram a day which is very low for a seriously ill patient with ALS or cancer.

    However, most folks who have a serious disability do not work and live on a Federal disability check. A Federal disability check for the poor on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is $698 per month. Social Security Disability (SSD) check averages about $1,200 monthly and can be more depending on how long you worked.

    The disabled on federal disability cannot afford to pay half or more of their disability check for medical pot they have other expense they need to live on like rent, food, etc.

  • The illegal model for selling pot does not work for the medical use. Another example is to compare recreational pot use to alcohol use. Most alcohol users drink alcohol occassionaly and they mostly dringk the weekends socially. They don't get bombebed 24/7. Those that drink 24/7 are known as "drunks".

    The same is true for pot smokers most are not bmombed out 24/7. They buy small quanitites of pot to smoke occassionaly like the social drinkers. However, medical pot users may need to take their medical pot several times a day for their condition.

  • The only thing seperating a legal/illegal medical pot provider is a business permits. One day they are a illegal grower/seller and the next day they are legal. With the same clients.

    In San Luis Obispo County (SLO), you don't even need a business license. Just put a ad in your local free paper and your in business legally. Out of seven delivery services busted in SLO in December 2010, only one had a valid buisness license. Yup, just put a AD in the local newspaper for selling medical pot and now your legal. Go SLO county!!

    The delivery services busted in SLO were not exactly guiltless:

    --They also sold the pot to the cops in a hotel room. Other, more respectable and honest pot delivery services in SLO that didn't get busted because they only deliver/ sell to the clientís house. They refused to take the police bait and deliver/ sell to a client in a hotel room. However, drug stores like CVS, Rite-Aid do not deliver to hotel rooms either!

    --The busted delivery services caught had almost $492,931 in cash. According to state law (S420) enacted after the 1996 proposition, medical pot is only to be sold in "Non-profit" collectives. I guess the half million was for the employee Xmass fund!

    I do deplore the police swat team tactics that were used to arrest the seveen SLO delivery services. Instead a police official in uniform at their door could have just given them a citation/summons to appear for their violations as they would probably treat any other business that was violating the law in SLO.

    If the SLO police suspect that the delivery services is a scam then the police then should investigate the doctors for writing the bogus scripts. The pot delivery services are only providing a legal drug to users with legitimate doctor scripts.This would compel the doctors to stop writing blanket bogus scripts for medical pot.

    If police suspected a drug store like CVS is selling to many oxy pain pills they don't raid the CVS. Instead they investigate the doctors that wrote the oxy scripts. Many "happy pill" doctors have been busted this way.

  • First time medical pot users are totally clueless and confused as how to buy and use the pot. The pot providers assume that their clients are all pot or ex pot heads who know how to smoke pot. The clueless are used to a doctor writing a script for a pill then going to a pharmacy to fill it.

    I have a older friend who is in her 60's, who recently called up a dispensary and asked what pot would be best for her severe Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

    The dispensary guy first told her the pot brownies are not made today by throwing the pot into the brownie mix as she probably did back in the 60's. She told them she never made pot brownies nor smoked it back in the 60's.

    . The guy went on to explain to her how she could buy pot edibles, THC capsules hash, slaves, oinments, or several different kinds of pot to smoke. She asked if she could try a sample of each to try out to see which worked best for her. She was told she would have to buy in quantity to get the "free" sample discount.

    My friend was totally confused after talking to him. She thought she was getting the whole plant as in buying lettuce and not just the dried flower of the female plant. It took me awhile to straighten her out on the how to's of buying, smoking, and baking pot. She was used to a doctor writing a script for a symptom and her going to a drug store and buying and swallowing the pill. Nice,simple, and effective.

  • What's the difference between legal medical marijuana and illegal?

    Other than needing a Drs. letter to buy medical pot...Nothing!!!! Same Prices. Same growers. Same Sellers. Same Customers. Same Strains. No quality control You have no idea what you buying. Is it really 100% "Burmese Kush" with a 20% THC content that I'm buying?

  • Medical Pot Dellivery Service prices are the same as those in a storefront opeation. Instead, delivery services prices should be lower because they are not operating the expense of a storefront.

  • Do you chew on willow bark or make a tea from it when you need a aspirin for your headache? Or, do you just pop a aspirin tablet that is extracted refined, and purified? Why should medical pot be any different?

  • Medical marijuana providers like to claim they are in the red or going broke to justify their insane prices. Yet, when they are busted they are usually found to be keeping double books and large amounts of money in cash or deposit accounts and by law in CA they are required to be non-profits.. One dispensary in CA was found to be laundering its cash at a nearby pizza place and keeping double books.

    In December of 2010 several pot delivery services were raided in San Luis Obispo county in CA. Most of services busted didn't even have a "business license". Over $200,00 in cash and deposits were found. I guess since they were non-profit it was all for the employee Xmass fund.

    How many drug dealers do you know of that go broke growing/selling pot? Going back to the 60's I can't recall even one. The legal providers have it much easier than illegal providers. They have a certified captive market to sell to, they don't have to worry about someone busting down your door, and don't have all the expenses that the illegal growers have. Yet, they still claim they are going broke. Yah, right!!

  • Another favorite argument for CA dispensories/delivery services is if it becomes commercial the giant pharmacetical companies will step in and take over and the prices will then go skyhigh. You can't trust them.

    Wall street bankers would be very proud of my CA dispensareis for the insane prices they charge and get away with it. Actually the dispensories are worst than the wall street bankers. In that wall street bankers aren't KILLING anyone with their foreclosures. Whereas, denying the poor and very sick access to a drug that will help them live will has killed or made them worst people by forcing them to use dangerous drugs instead of pot. And they call it the "compassionate use act"? It's more like "lets get rich off the sick act".

    Ah, execuse me, prices are already skyhigh. Would you pay $6,400 for a pond of pot? Well that's what my compassionate delivery service would charge me retail prices. A head of lettuce which weights about a pound and cost me about $1 retail. Pot is a plant. No its a weed.

  • Only 15 states have medical pot laws. Thirty-five states and the 14 US Territories do not. Which means that if you live in NY and have cancer you may have to wait 20 years for the law to change. (At least 40 years for them to change in Texas).

  • Medical pot is not cheap and you usually have to pay in cash for it. The system works if your rich, but if your poor you are screwed. This is like saying penicillin is only for those that can afford it.

    The government actually denied penicillin to poor Blacks in the Tuskee syphilis experiment. and denied it to them for over 30 YEARS!!! The goverment denied them penicillin because it wanted to study the complications resulting from untreated syphilis.

    If pot is ILLEGAl than the high "street" prices justify the risk to grow it and sell it. But, when medical pot is legal as it is in 15 states, then it is unethical, insane, and greedy to continue to sell it at "street" prices.

  • Why do I have to search all over my county to buy my medical pot? My county has banned dispensaries. And lately busted all the pot delivery collectives in the county.

    I don't search all over the county for my other drugs which I get at my local pharmacy. Why is pot so special? I don't go to a Xanax dispensary to get Xanax!

  • All prescription drug dosages is tightly regulated. Doctors do not write random prescription drug strengths. When my Dr writes me a script for Oxycodone he doesn't say dosage 5mg to 40mg. No, its a script for 5mg strength for 60 tablets. Which is exactly what my condition requires.

    Whereas, with dispensary pot you don't know what the dosage strength is. The THC strength could be between 20 and 100%. If its baked its near 80%. Or close to 100%, if it is extracted and refined into hash.

    Each plant has a different THC content. Dispensary pot is generally not greater than 25% THC. CA allows medical patients to grow several plants, because the THC content is not consistent with each plant.

    Whereas , with THC caps that are extracted and refined, the THC levels in the caps can be precisely determined and hence accurately dispense rather than a random number as in dispensary pot.

  • My insurance will pay for my THC caps just as they do for all my other drugs. Why do I have to pay for my medical pot? What is so special about it?

  • Currently, most dispensaries and pot delivery services only work in cash and don't accept checks, credit cards or insurance I feel like I'm doing something illegal when I buy my medical pot with cash.

  • I don't need a pot Drs letter to show police if I'm stopped. All I need is my script which I use for all my other medical drugs.

  • There is a generic version of Marinol called Dronabinol which comes in either pills or in capsules. Dronobal as a generic drug only has to have at least 75% of the active ingredient in Marinol. In essence it is a watered down pill and not the real thing.

  • THC caps could be approved really fast by the FDA without spending millions or doing years of testing. "Fast tracking"" was developed to get AID drugs out fast. Within a month the FDA must say if it they will approve it.

  • My pharmacy does not have armed guards at the door. My pharmacy has a lot more dangerous drugs than pot in it too.

  • My pharmacy doesn't double their prices to prevent reselling of their drugs. My pharmacy doesn't care what I do with the drug after it sells it to me.

    So, why do medical pot providers do it? Are they really concerned about combating crime or is it just another reason to jack up their prices?

  • My pharmacy doesn't have a "tasting" room for me to "test" out my drugs. I just buy them and leave I don't hang out there popping pills.

  • My pharmacy doesn't give out "free samples" for clients to try out like some pot dispensaries do!

  • My pharmacy sells 100% purity of my drugs. I don't get a 20% Xanax pill when I buy it from my pharmacy. I get a 100% Xanax pill and every Xanax pill gives the same response

  • Pharmacy are already regulated, registered, and approved. They also operate under state, local, and federal laws. There are very numerous and easy to find. In my town there are seven pharmacies to choose from. There are zero dispensaries.

  • Pharmacy are exist, wheras, the dispensaries and delivery services have to be approved and created.

    Pot dispensaries face a difficult challenge just getting approved in a locale in CA and elsewhere who usually view it as a undesirable NIMBY store front operation bringing unwanted attention in their community.

  • When you grow a pot plant it can have various mixes of the 400 cannabinoids in pot. Each pot plant has different mixes of the cannabinoids in it. Every THC capsule would be the same and give the same response.

  • There is no quality control in growing and selling medical pot. You don't know how it was grown what chemicals were used or what the THC content is. Also you don't know if there is any mold on the pot you were sold. Mold is not good for those who have lung problems. Furthermore, there are no penalties if the pot provider sells you moldy or contaminated pot. Would you buy food at a supermarket that under such conditions?

    Or, as Mr. Buckie Minor of Full Spectrum Laboratories in Denver, says "You don't go into a Walgreens with a headache and put on a blindfold and pick something off a shelf. But that's what some people are doing when they buy (medical) marijuana".

  • The pharmacy would buy the THC caps from a drug company that was "certified" to make them. When I buy a head of lettuce state laws are followed in the growing, packing, shipping and selling. For pot there are no laws or regulations or penalties if you don't. You could grow it in your closet using whatever chemicals you want. Is this safe? Do you buy your food this way?

  • The 100% capsules are five times more powerful than the 20% swag (very low THC) that they sell in dispensaries. The THC caps could also be sold in 10% or 35% or 75% strength THC just like Tylenol 3 and 4 is. Kids get cancer, ALS, and MS too!!!

  • The price of THC would come down to affordable levels like the price of aspirin bottle. There's really not that much manufacturing involved in making pure THC capsules. Nothing to add to it or synthesise. Just extract and refine.

  • My "compassionate" pot provider sells it to me for $50 for 1/8 of ounce. I use one to two ounces a month.

    Would you pay $6,400 for a one pound head of lettuce? Well, that's what my "compassionate" dispensary here in CA would sell me retail for a pound of pot. Wholesale: Mendocino County bud is from around $2000 to $2800 per lb and good indoor goes from $3000-$3800 a lb.

    In fact the corporate slogan of Wegrow is:"There's no such thing as a $10,000 tomato!."

    IMHO this is sick! Tomatoes or pot plants don't cost $10,000. Pot is a medicine like penicillin which should never be rationed to the sick and poor. If pot is illegal than the price is justified, but not when it is legal. It is just price gouging.

    Wegro used to be Igrow and is trying to become the Walmart of a nationwide chain of franchised hydro grow stores. It is not cheap to join either. Wegrow only wants 6% of your monthly profits for the franchise fee. In December, 2011 the fee dropped to only $2,000/month What a deal! Heck, its only $10,000 tomatoes your selling to sick & poor folks.

    Or, would you pay $50 for a six pack of beer for the "risk" taken to make it? Beer is legal to make and sell. Pot is legal to grow & sell for medical use in CA and 14 other states.

    Accoring to Tommy Chung in the pro-pot movie "Uniion", "The price of pot is insane! Wheat is sold by the ton. Not by the 1/4 ounce, 1/8 ounce, ounce or by the gram." Pot is a PLANT!!! No, it's is WEED which means it grows very eassily. It doesnít cost thousands of $ to grow. Some sunshine, water, and fertilizer is all it takes to grow wheat. It doesn't need a caretaker to grow.

    I can show you 16 foot hemp plants growing by fine by interstate highways in Kansas that were planted by farmers to make rope for WWII for the government.

    Growing corn is very similar to growing pot. The exception, being you would at some time you have to go into the field and cull the male plants so you would only harvest the flowers of the female plants.

    It really doesn't cost that much to grow. Canada pays a grower about $160 a pound (or $10 a ounce) to grow its medical pot in a underground mine with all those fancy power sucking grow lights. Canada then charges its pot patients about $150 for a ounce. or 15 times what they paid for it. Read Here

    Why? All their other drugs are provide free by the Canadian government. Why is medical pot different? Canada has even cut off some medical pot users for not paying their pot bill.

    I am not against the pot "farmers" trying to get the most for their crop. However, I am opposed to pot "providers" who are now at zilch risk (if they follow their state laws) still charging the prices they did when it was illegal under federal law.

    Now that medical pot is legal under Federal law the price should drop. Its up to the pot provider to tell their farmer "do you want to make this a legal or legal grow?".

    Keeping the price insanely high to folks that are poor, or too sick to grow it or cannot afford the alternatives (storefront dispensaries, or black market) are suffering needlessly.

    This is like "a merchant going to a famine-ravaged country and selling marked-up food to make money off the misery of others."

  • Traditionally pot has been refined for thousands of years from low grade 4% THC content into a higher THC content so you could get high. This was usually done by making it into hash or baking it which raises the THC content. Sometimes it was put into the clay in the clay pots and fired.

    However, where pot is illegal this step is usually skipped and the grower just wants to grow it and sell it fast and not get caught with it.

    So modern growers opt to grow plants that already have up to 20% THC content.

    When they looked for gold here in CA they didnít just look for 28 pound rocks of gold. Instead they took gold ore from grains to nuggets and REFINED it into 28 pound bars of gold.

    Refining and extracting is a basic fact of life on the planet for manufacture of many metals and materials From zinc to iron.

    In Afghanistan farmers don't try to grow the "perfect" high yielding opium plant to make heroin. Instead they extract the opium from acres of opium pants they grow on rich agricultural land refine it into heroin.

    It is very profitable to grow pot. Cocaine has a 18,000% profit margin. Pot's is at least half of that or 9,000% profit. Low grade pot could be easily grown commercially on thousands of acres of "prime" agricultural land. using the sun. Instead of being grown in small gardens indoors/outdoors in unaccessible areas in heavily irrigated/fertilized soil.

  • Folks that can't smoke pot can swallow the THC capsules. Blister packs could be used to make the pot is safe and secure.

    Currently the staff in the hospitals, rest homes steal them. Pot keeps disappearing from the nursing stations when it is kept there.

    The THC caps could also be broken open and baked into brownies and other foods. It could also be broken open and put on incense sticks and inhaled.

    Before pot was made illegal incense had hash in it. Can you imagine walking into a Greek, Roman, or Egyptian temple 3,000 years ago with all the incense burners going full blast? You would definitely feel you were in the presence of the Gods.

    THC caps would allow Drs to write pot scripts in these states. Cancer, ALS, MS, arthritis patients in these states will not have to wait 20 or 50 years for the medical pot laws to change in their states. Millions of patients will not have to die or suffer without legal access to medical pot.

  • Dispensaries will say argue that there are a lot of different cannabinoids (over 400) in pot that you need all of them. One of the reasons the state of CA allow you to grow 10 plants for personal use is that the THC level and cannabinoids vary from plant to plant. Read more on "The science of Pot", Time magazine, November 11, 2010.

  • GW Pharmaceuticals, has extensive research the various cannabinoids in and their interactions in their quest to develop "Sativex". Which is a real THC spray or inhaler for the mouth or nose. It doesn't get you high. Canada and the U.K. have approved the use of Sativex.

    So, rather that trying to grow the perfect pot plant with the right mix of cannabinoids it would be much easier to extract and refine them in a laboratory.

    Read more: Cover story: The United States of Amerijuana, Time Magazine, November 11, 2010

  • I also question whether all 400 cannabinoids are needed for medical pot to work. Only two of them (THC and ?)are active in the brain.

    My THC caps controlled my chemotherapy very good 30 years ago.The cannabinoids in pot can be extract and refined into any mix that you want. This is much easier than trying to grow the perfect pot plant with the perfect cannabinoids mix.

    Dispensaries tend to brag about how strong their pot is by how it smells. Well, I don't "sniff" my oxycotin pills to see how strong they are. Instead, my Doctor orders in the script how strong my "oxy" should be like 5, 10, or 30mg. This a much safer and precise way than "sniffing it".

    Seriously ill folks (usually 1% of the dispensary's patients) are not trying to get high. Instead, they just want to be "feel" normal. Sick folk don't care how it smells.

    I use cough meds to get rid of a cold not to get high. I usually take the cold medicine around the clock, since one dose of cough medicine is not going to do it. Sick folk usually need strong meds for them to work. Whereas, folks trying to get "high" do use anywhere near what a sick person would use in a 24 hour period nor do they need stronger doses to get high.

  • THC capsules would enable precise dosing. Since every capsule would be the same and repeatable. A doctor could then safely presrib the THC knowing the exact dosage and effects for their patients.

    With medical pot each dose is not pure, repeatable nor is it consistent. It could have any mix of cannabinoids in it. When My Dr. gives me a script it doesn't say: Take as many Xanax pills as you want from this bottle of 100 pills that are 5mg, 100mg, or 500mg Xanax.

    My pharmacy also has only kind of Xanax, where one bottle is the same as the next. Whereas, in some pot dispensaries their can be as many as 30 different strains of pot each with a different cannabinoid mix for each strain and none of them are identical. Read: Where Marijuana Is a Point of Pride

    As Dr. Riveras, CO says: "What bothers me, as a physician, is this: if it's medical, then treat it like a pharmaceutical. Educate me, and my patients, about rational use, proper dosages, potential benefits for each approved condition, potential side effects, and how to manage them. Put a good, consistent product in the pharmacy of my hospital, so when I write a prescription, I know what my patient is getting. Don't call it "medical" if some MD can "treat" you for 5 minutes and approve your trip down the street to marijuana milkshake night. It's a travesty to call this medicine." Posted as Comment (#72) to New York Times story "When Capitalism Meets Cannabis"

  • There is another large group of medical pot users. Diabetics which would greatly outnumber all the cancer, ALS, MS patients combined.

    There are over 23.6 million folks ( or 7.8% of the population) that have diabetes. Millions more are undigagnosed (5.7 million) or pre-diabetic (57 million). A lot of them are suffering from neuropathy "nerve" pain. Pot works really well for nerve pain and general pain.

    Our bodies naturally make pain relievers called endorphins, but they also make other substances that can trigger pain relief in the so-called endocannabinoid system. This system seems to play a key role in many processes in the body, including modulating how we feel pain. Marijuana contains cannabinoids very similar to those that occur in the body naturally.

    Pot also works really well for controlling diabetic's blood sugars. Just as fast as sugar will rise my blood sugar, pot will lower it. Remember the Pot munchie effect? At least they will be "happy" diabetics!

    Not all pot does this since there are over 400 cannabinoids in pot However, I have found the higher the THC content in pot the better it will lower my blood sugars.

    I have also read reports of (Type I) insulin dependent diabetics throwing away there needles and blood meters and just using pot to control it. Perhaps it acts like a insulin mimic. See...Treating Diabetes with Cannabis?

  • THC capsules would be a much cheaper, efficient and safer way to distribute medical marijuana to the 6.4 billion (6.9 billion less 0.3 billion) folks that don't live in the USA or its territories than smoking it.

  • According to DonDig "Canabis oil can be a revoultion in healing cancer:

    Cannabis has been proven to kill cancer cells in lab tests without harming the healthy cells present. http://www.gsalternative.com/2010/05/cannabinoids-kill-cancer/

    Dave Triplett (and others) have used cannabis oil (topically) to cure melanoma as he shows in his short movie about his own experience. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tghUh4ubbg

    Dennis Hill was diagnosed with prostate cancer and used cannabis oil (by ingestion) to cure himself. His blog about his experience is quite detailed. http://web.me.com/dbhill/cure/Home.html

    Many people have seen similar results, including a number of stage 4 cancer sufferers given Ďhemp oilí by Rick Simpson in Canada, who discovered this cannabis oil methodology. They were cured by ingesting it. (Rick said there was about a 70% recovery rate in those stage 4 folks; the rest died as their prognosis forecast.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI"


  • "Don Digg Most people donít know that the US government holds a patent on cannabinoids as a neuroprotectant (since 2003). Quoting the patent, "The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and HIV dementia." Surely they speak the truth about this. Have a look at the patent, Google US patent #6630507."


  • To smoke medical most users would prefer to use a vaporizer if they can afford one.

    Vaporizers can cost anywhere from $200 to $400. Whereas, to take a THC capsule all you need is a glass of water. THC capsules can also be broken open and added to or baked into food, or the THC oil could be smoked.

  • If CVS pharmacy were suspected of selling oxycodone to addicts the cops don't raid CVS with a SWAT team. Instead, they bust the doctors writting the phony oxy scripts. Pot dispensaires and delivery services should be treated the same way. If the cops did bust the pot drs the pot dispensaries/delivery services would probably loose 99% of their bogus patients.

    I've talked to many poor/sick who cannot afford their medical pot. Being unable to sleep for days because you cannot afford your medical pot is really sick.

  • Large Scale Pot Farms raping the California Forests with posions, water diversions from creeks, algae blooms, trash and more.

  • There are no laws requiring that "edible" medical pot be sold in child proof containers which kids can not get into.

    In a study done in JAMA Pediatrics: Children who injested medical pot ranged from 8 months to 12 years old.and were released, observed or hospitalized for medical treatment.According to Dr. Jeffery Galinkin, "This is a public health disaster that's just waiting to happen".

  • Finally, many years ago, I recall attending a California statewide meeting to plan for the 1996 Medical Pot law in CA. I recall standing in a circle with 100 other people. We went around the circle saying why we were there. Everyone said they were there because of a loved one, friend or themselves had been sick and had been helped by pot.

    No one said, they were there to get rich off of medical pot. We were there because we knew that pot helped a lot of different diseases besides cancer. And we didn't want them to worry about it being illegal to use while they were sick.

    And that is why we were there and why we worked to get it voted in. Not to get rich! We called it the "Compassionate use act" and not the "Lets get rich off the sick act". Which it has since become. "Compassion" has been taken out of it now and now its just pure greed driven. Read: I got mine. Screw the poor and sick!

  • It is required under CA Medicak Pot proposition 215 which was passed in CA in 1996 to be "safe and affordable access". The CA pot mafia likes to argue the only way this can be obtainable is by increasing the number of dispensaries. This could easily be attained by lowering the illegal/legal price.

  • This issue is not about the legal medical pot states. Its about "all" the sick people in the non-legal states that don't have legal access to pot. If the situation were reversed and you were now living in a non-legal state and dealing with cancer, MS, ALS. You would now be illegal and be waiting 25 or more years for your state law to change. I'm sure you would be in favor of real THC caps now! There, but for the grace of God, goes I. Have some compassion, please, Instead of counting how much $$$$$ can be made off of sick people.

    IMHO, medical pot providers are worst than the Wall street bankers that caused the 2008 worldwide economic meltdown:

    1) Pot works really well for my massive nere pain. But, by making pot un-affordable to me medical Pot providers have cause me to be in a constant state of "intense physiscal pain". Whereas, no Wall street bankers has caused me real physical pain which I feel every waking minute of every day. IMHO, you really got to be a asshole to keep someone in physical pain

    2) The insane profits pot providers selling legal pot at illegal prices, make far outdoes whatever profits Wall street bankers have made. Pot providers profits can be as high as 1,000 times the actual value. And then they sell it basically by the dose (pill) which futher increases their over all profits. Whereas, no Wall Street banker has has made that kind of profit selling bonds.