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I wrote this website because my emails to the editors on the high price of medical pot were starting to get too long. So I decided to consolidate all my info into one place.

I live in CA with have massive nerve damage. My legs & hands are pretty worthlss. I have hard time walking, standing, opening bottles, buttoning, or typing. I am in constant pain. This is not fun!

However, pot does work really well for me. But, I cannot afford my Dr's letter, card or pot and can't grow it myself. Nor can I find a dispensary that will cut me a deal. Everyone wants to make money off my suffering.

IMHO, it is immoral and unethical to sell legal pot at illegal prices. It is also illegal since by CA state law providing medical pot is suppose to be non-profit.

I am not trying to get high on pot. I am trying to get to a state of where I feel somewhat normal. I don't drink cough medicine to get high. But, I do drink massive amounts of syrupt to get rid of my cold when I have one.

When I get my legal meds I get a month to a 3 month supply. I don't buy it by the pill as i do with my medical pot. My drug store does not have a "tasting room" for me to try out my drugs. Futhermore, the medical pot I do get is not strong enough for my needs it doesn't cover my pain. Dispensory pot is at most 20% THC which is ineffective. Baking it increases the THC level.

I am making it my life mission to see THC caps sold in drug stores in ANY state with a simple Drs. script and their insurance paying for it.

Medical Pot is a $10 billion industry. I am not suggesting closing it down but offering a ALTERNATIVE to folks that:

1)Don't have a local dispensary/delivery service;

2)Can't afford to buy their pot or get a Dr letter;

3)Live in a state or in one of the 14 US Territories where medical pot is illegal and will probably remain so for the next 40 years.

Hopefully, the medical pot mafia will comprehend the above statement not try to silence me by killing me. They have already succeeded in killing the legalizing of Pot in CA so they can maintain their insane profit margins for a plant that grows in the sun. What farmer wouldn't want to make $6,000 for every tomato plant that is harvested?

However, I will be totally amazed if I am not murdered within the next three months. But, if I am murdered by the pot mafia my work will not be stopped. They may kill the messenger, but not the message.

My death would only push my quest to occur faster. Since, being "murdered" for trying to get THC Caps in drugstores without a Dr's script would definitely generate more publicity than I ever could generate by sending out emails. Suggested New York Times Headline: Medical pot advocated murdered by the CA medical pot mafia.

Many friends have been told to spread the word if I was found dead. Hopefully, I will be still alive three months from now.

If I am murdered, the website is paid up for the next 5 years This website will remain up untill THC caps can be bought in a drugstore with a simple Drs script. In the event of my murder this email will be sent to the news media.

I am healing but it is very slow. Nerve patients measure progress in months not days. Finally, after years, I am able to make the peace sign on both hands.