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Real THC Caps: DEA Schedul 2

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On Aug 11, 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)denied a five-year-old marijuana
rescheduling petition on Thursday morning. It was the fourth consecutive time the DEA has denied a petition to
reschedule cannabis in the same class as LSD and Heorin as a drug that has no medical value

However, hours later, Ms. Maya Harris, a senior policy adviser to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
said Clinton will reschedule marijuana if she’s elected in November.

The scheduling of drugs is a DEA rulem ade up by the DEA. It is not a congressional law
As president,the head of the goverment, Clinton has the authoriety to tell the DEA,
a government agency, to rescheule it.

Ms Clinton has long advocated rescheduling marijuana as a schedule 2 drug. (Marinol is a schedule 3 drug)

Making medical marijuana legal on Jan 20, 2017 will:
  • make medical marijuana legal in all 50 states and territores

  • after FDA fast track approval in 60 days medical marijuana can
    be sold in drug stores as THC or CBD oil capsules with varying
    strengths from 5% to 100%. Instead of the whatever quality you
    get from the dispensary

  • Drs would be able to prescibe the meds as appropriate
    for the patient from 5% to 100%. Drs don't prescribe oxycotin at full
    strentght. They start in small doses and work up.

  • make it avialable with a simple Dr's script

  • Your Insurance compaies could then legally pay for it

  • You can then pay for it with a credit card as a Schedule 2 drug.

  • You can get a whole months supply instead of buying it by the dose in the dispensaries.

  • Quality would be assured. As the FDA spot checks the drugs approved.
    Folks who suffer from seizures would be ensured that the CBD capsule
    would stop their seizures. Currently, if the CBD's don't work you
    get seizures and out of $300. This is not the way you provide meds. Ripoff.