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No THC caps are sold on this webpage.

Price gouging is never nice. But gouging people on the price of medicines they rely on to stay ALIVE or will CURE you is not nice itís EVIL!. Especially when you call yourself COMPASSIONATE! How can you be compassionate and sell neded medicine (pot) by the pill??? My local drug store would love to sell me my meds by the pill!

link to web page selling THC caps for $18 a pill with 250 mg in it
or $32,256 for a pound (4*18*28*16) You got to buy $5 pills for $90
Pot is a WEED! Greed!!! Wall Street would be impresed!!!

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A fake label for pharmaceutical grade THC capsule

A Proposal

This is a proposal to enable medical pot users to purchase their THC capsules in at their local pharmacies, in any state or US Territory, without a Dr's letter, or Medical card and without changing any State or Federal law within three months.

I envision that the 15 states that have medical pot laws would not be changed. Instead, users would have a alternate choice of how they want to obtain their medical pot.

Thirty years ago I had cancer and was given (probably by the NIMH ) real THC capsules which was refined into 100% THC from low grade pot. I was given the THC to test out to see if pot helped cancer patients.

Then, based on reports from lab rats like me the powers that be (probably the NIH ) invented Marinol, which doesn't work. Also, Marinol comes in a pill form whereas THC is fat soluble. Sice cancer therapy wasn't that great for terminal cancer patients given 4 weeks to live I am probably the only lab rat still alive given real THC capsules to test out.

Since Marinol is suppose to be molecule by molecule the same as THC, the FDA can fast track approve it under section 505(b)(2)of the FDA's New Drug Application. This means that the FDA needs only Realthc to be a modification of an already existing and tested drug: Marinol. Approval is fast and is done within three months without spending millions and years on testing. See FDA 505(b) .Within a month the FDA has to say wether it will approve the drug.

Once FDA approved the THC capsules, then any pharmacy can stock it and any doctor anywhere in the USA or our Territories can write a script for it And my insurance would pay for it

No pot Drs, no dispensaries, no medical cards, none of that crap. Just a simple Drs script will get you 100% THC. or 10% or 40% or 80% strength THC just like Tylenol 3,4 is compounded. And your insurance will pay for it! Or, you could pay for it with a check or a credit card!

If THC caps were made 30 years ago from low grade pot they could be made today!!!

The cost to make THC caps would probably be similar to making a bottle of syrup. Since all you are doing is extracting and refining the raw pot into THC capsules of varying strengths.

Now to make this happen a DEA rule would have to be changed: Pot is classified as a Schedule I drug by the DEA in the same class as LSD and Heroin as having no known medical use and are addictive. This is not a law but a rule made up by the DEA to classify the drugs. A special DEA permit is required by the FDA for a Dr. to write a script for a Schedule I drug.

Whereas, Cocaine, Meth, Morphine, Vicodin and Oxycotin are classified as a Scedule II drugs by the DEA. According to the DEA pot is more more addictive and dangerous than Schedule II drugs.

A DEA permit is also required by the DEA for a Dr to write a script for Schedule II drugs. Most Drs. have this permit.

So, pot as a Schedule I drug would have to be changed to a Schedule II or III drug. When Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, it listed marijuana temporarily as a Schedule I drug,

Nixon's National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse. in 1972, released a report favoring decriminalization of cannabis. The Nixon administration took no action to implement the recommendation, .

However, pot can be reclassified by the DEA, Recently the DEA refused to do so. However, president Obama appointed Michele Leonhart the head of the DEA and as his boss he could tell him to change it using a phone call, or with a email text or fax message.

Recently, the legal marijuana states are petitioning the DEA to reclassify marijuana as a schedule II drug. On November 30, 2011, the governors of Washington and Rhode Island petitioned the DEA to reclassify marijuana as a drug as a Schedule II drug. Then on December 28,2011, Colorado became the 3rd state to petition the Dea.

The states of WA, RI, and CO petitioned the DEA because "change is needed so states like theirs, which have decriminalized marijuana for medical purposes, can regulate the safe distribution of the drug without risking federal prosecution". The safe distribution would be done in pharmacies that are legally sanctioned to distribute drugs,legally, safely, and are very accessible to the public.

Marionl, the fake THC pill that does not work, was rescheduled. It was rescheduled in 1985 to allow for prescription under schedule II. In 1999 it was again rescheduled to allow prescription under schedule III.

  • Other ways pot can be changed to a Schedul2 drug.
  • ***UPDATE ***

    Recently, the states of Washington and Colorado have made recreational pot legal. I have nothing against the legalizing of recreational pot. I have smoked plenty of it in my lifetime. However, medical pot is different and should be regulated.

    Since pot is currently classified as a Schedule I drug the legalization in these states it is illegal under Federal laws. I predict more states will legalize recreational pot in the future.

    To resolve this dilemma, IMHO, recreational pot should be made legal with a THC content under 20% and be regulated by state law.

    This can be done with President Obama ordering the DEA to delist 20% THC marijuana from the DEA schedule of drugs like Tobacco is now. Tobacco is not on the DEA schedule of drugs However, marijuana would still be illegal in states that prohibit it.

    However, Medical marijuana with over 20% THC content would be classified as a schedule II drug. The THC would be extracted and refined than sold in drug stores as a THC capsule with a THC content of between 5% to 100%.

    Medical marijuana needs to be classified as a schedule II drug to insure THC content, purity of product, and safety for the consumer. I don't buy drug store meds that are manufactured in someone's closet. Instead, they are made in a licensed, regulated, certified, federally/state inspected, insured labatory like all my other drugs are.

    Also, drugs sold in a drug store are also sold by the bottle and not by the pill nor are legal drugs sold at illegal prices in drug stores. My drug store would love to sell my drugs to me by the pill at illegal prices.

    Medical pot needs a higher THC content to be effective for the seriously ill. For my nerve pain 20% pot is worthless. Also THC is not predictable nor replicable in a plant. A plant can have anywhere from 1% to 20% THC content in it. You don't sell Oxycotin pills with 5mg to 30mg. Every Oxycotin pill in the bottle has the same mg content.

    Also when prescribing pot for pain a doctor needs to start at lower THC levels and prescribe higher if needed by the patient. You can only do this with extracted and refined THC capsules.You cannot do this with a pot plant that can have variable THC content of between 1% to 20% THC. When writing a script pain management doctors usually start with Oxycotin 5mg and work their way up to Oxycotin 30mg. They don't write a script for a variable mg of Oxycotin.

    Go here to sign the White House petiton to make medical marijuana a DEA Schedule 2 drug,:

    1) Legalize recreational marijuana with THC <= 20% by de-listing it from the DEA Schedule. However, Marijuna is still covered by the state's laws.

    2) Reschedule 20% > THC marijuana as a DEA Schedule II drug.

    I don't go to Zanax Dr to get a Dr's letter and then go to a Zanax dispensry to get it and pay for it in cash. Instead, I buy Zanax and all my drugs at a drug store with cash, check or credit card. or my insurance covers it. I usually get a months supply. I don't buy it buy it by the pill.

    My drug store sells 100% Zanax not 22% or 15% Zanax potency. It has exactly 2 mg of the active compound in it and not 1mg, 3mg, or 22mg. My drug store does also not have armed guards. Nor does it have a "tasting room" for me to "sample" my drugs. Nor does my drug store doesn't raise the price to prevent me from reselling it. If it does suspect I'm abusing it, my pharmacy refuses to sell it to me and notifies my Dr.

    My drugstore store is legally registered, licensed, certified, and inspected, as is the manufacturing of my Xanax. I buy my Zanax by the bootle, not by the pill. One Zanaz pill is the same as another Zanax pill in my drug store. They only make one strain of Zanax it does not come in 5 different flavors. Personally, I don't care what my Zanax tastes or smells like, as long as it works. Drug stores are very easy to find they can be found anywhere. I don't have to drive all over my county lookng for a zanax doctor and zanax provider.

    So why should buying medical pot be any different from buying Zanax? Why is pot so special? Greed & Un-compassion!

    The purpose of the medical pot laws in every state is to enable the sick legal access to medical pot. It is not to enable just those who just want to get "high" which it has become. In studies done in CO only 1% of the members of dispensaries are truly "sick" the rest are just "medicating" to get "high" legally.

    Currently if you are sick and rich you are covered. But, if you are "poor" and "sick" your not. If you cannot afford your Dr letter or buy the "insanely priced" pot in the dispensaries you are left to buy it illegally on the street. Believe it or not, there are more folks who are "poor & sick" than there are "rich & sick" in this country. The poor out number the rich by at least 100,000 to 1.

    Most of the states ( Washington DC does ) do not require their dispensaries to provide lower priced cost medicines to the poor. It is optional to the dispensary to do so, most do not. This is wrong and contrary to the intent of the states medical pot laws to provide legal access to "all" of the sick not just the "rich" most of whom "medicate" just to those who want to get "high".

    According to Federal law it is illegal to make a profit sellling medical pot. In 2008, president Obama in a national speach ok'd the use of medical pot if your not making a commercial profit by doing so.

    In 2008 Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors, asked the DOJ for advise on what is a legal/illegal medical pot dispensary. In 2009, DOJ, Deputy Attorney General, David Ogden, responded by issuing a memo that states that DOJ "prosecutors should not focus investigative resources on patients who have cancer or are seriously ill and their 'caregivers' if they are complying with state medical marijuana laws." but "on the other hand, prosecution of commercial enterprises that unlawfully market and sell marijuana for profit continues to be an enforcement priority of the DOJ."

    The goverment has enforced this policy by shutting down over 400 profit making dispensaires in CA in 2011-2012.

    IMHO, medical pot providers are worst than the Wall street bankers that caused the 2008 worldwide economic meltdown for the following reasons:

    1) My "compassionateless" pot providers have turned me into a heroin (oxy) addict to deal with my pain. Pot works really well for my massive nere pain. But, by making pot un-affordable to me medical Pot providers have cause me to be in a constant state of "intense physiscal pain". Whereas, no Wall street bankers has caused me real physical pain which I feel every waking minute of every day. IMHO, you really got to be a asshole to keep someone in physical pain especialy just to make $.

    2) The insane profits pot providers make far outdo whatever profits Wall street bankers have made. Pot providers profits can be as high as 1,000 times the actual value. And then they sell it basically by the dose (pill) which futher increases their over all profits. Whereas, no Wall Street banker has has made that kind of profit selling bonds.

    3) Would you pay $100 for a gallon of milk at your local Vons? Or, pay $1,00 to have a flat tire fixed? Or, would you pay $5,120 for a head of lettuce that weights about a pound (40*8*16)? Lettuce is sold by the ton not by the 1/8, 1/8, or ounce! Pot is a plant! It's real easy to grow its a WEED?

    Charging insane prices s called "price gouging" and is illegal in CA. Futhermore, charging illegal prices for legal pot is wrong ethically and legally. It is wrong legally since by CA state law selling medical pot is supposed to be be sold only by a non-profit collective.

    4) The bottom line, is that the CA medical pot law does not work. My "un-compassionate" CA pot dispensary has made me into a heroin (oxycotin) addict, because I cannot afford to buy my pot, or Drs letter, or a card. I am also a very sick patient with serious nerve disease for which pot works really well when I can afford it.

    The sole purpose of the CA Medical Pot law was to allow very sick patients a legal defense to use medical pot. The law was not intended to be a legal defense for anyone that wanted to get high.

    5) CA medical pot dispensaries have instead become legal drug lords, selling legal pot at illegal prices, by dose. Would you buy a loaf of bread for $6,400? Seling the 16 slices of bread at $400 a slice with 8 bites per slices at $50 a bite?

    When I buy drugs at my drug store I get a months worth. I don't buy it by the pill!!! Wall street bankers would be proud and would love to emulate them!!!

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