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Subject: A way to make medical pot legal in all states in only 3 months

Dear Editor:

I got a better way to distribute medical pot then trying to grow and sell the perfect pot plant.

This can be done in any state without a Drs letter, card, or dispensary and without changing any state or federal law within 3 months. So if you got cancer in NYC you don't have to wait 20 years for the law to change and suffer in pain and misery.

I propose THC be extracted and refined into THC capsules under laboratory conditions which would then be sold in drug stores with a simple Drs. script with insurance paying for it.

See www.realthccaps.com for details

IMHO, the CA medical pot laws do not work. Because, they are not getting to poor that can't afford it I have very extensive nerve damage for which highly refined (cooked) THC works very well for my pain & healing. I cannot grow it with my health problems.

I can not afford my medical pot, Drs. letter, nor card. My pot dispensary has made me into a heroin (oxycotin) addict to deal with my pain. Being a heroin addict is not fun and bad for my body. I will eventually kill me because I had liver cancer 30 years ago.

The sole purpose of the CA medical pot laws was to enable folks like me to get off our opiate & other pain meds and not for folks with hangnails to get high. It was called the 'compassionate use act' and not the 'lets get rich off the sick act'.

IMHO. it is immoral and illegal to sell legal pot at illegal prices. It is illegal because Ca state law specifically states medical pot is suppose to be sold in non-profit collectives.

Would you pay $5,120 (8*40*16)for a head of lettuce that weights about a pound? Pot is a pant!! No it's a weed that grows very well. That is why it is called a weed. Lettuce is sold by the ton and not by the 1/8, 1/4, ounce, or gram.

Or, would you pay $8 for a bottle of beer? During Prohibition beer costs 80 cents a bottle or $8 today.

Or, would you pay $1,000 to fix a flat tire on your car? Its called price gouging to charge such insane prices for medical pot.

I get a whole month's supply of my meds from my drug store. I don't buy it by the dose as I do my medical pot. (buying by the 1/8 oz) My drug store would love to sell me my Oxycotin by the dose.

Medical pot providers claim they have to keep prices high to prevent their customers from reselling it to the illegal market.

But, drug stores have a much better way to prevent reselling or abuse from happening. If my drug store suspects me of reselling or abusing my drugs they:

1) They stop selling it to me 2) Contacts my Dr I'm abusing my drugs 3) Puts my name of a inter pharmacy computer list to prevent me from going to another pharmacy.

IMHO, it is insane for the police to raid medical pot dispensaries. If police suspect a drug store is selling pain drugs to addicts, then, the police don't swat team raid the drug store. Instead, they investigate the Drs writing the bogus pain scripts. Why is medical pot so different?


The Nerve-Guy