pot leaf

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pot leaf

I drew this for a Chalk Street Painting Festival in 1996 to promote CA Medical Pot Law. The colors are pretty washed out in this photo due to the poor quality of the photograph. I used severl different greens and yellows in the pot leaf which you can barely see.

The chalk drawing actually is irrelevant. I was not trying to compete with the other artist for the "best" drawing done that day. The message I was trying to "put out" was. The leaf was mostly fininished and the background blocked in but never fininished. It was more important for me to talk to the viewers about medical marijuana than it was to sketch a "pretty" picture.

I was kicked out of the Festival for not paying my $400 fee. However, 20 feet away, the local Lesbians club had drawn a very graphic picture of a 4 foot vagina which was allowed to remain because they had paid their $400. I probably was the only artist ever kicked out of the festival and had their drawing removed during the festival.

I had a lot of fun making it and talking to the folks about Medical Pot as a cancer survivor. I tried to educated them about why it was important that they vote "yes" that fall.

I started out by asking them when was the last time they seen a 6 foot pot leaf. I told them the plant was a mutant strain called San Onofre Green. It was highly radioactive. I pointed out the yellow streaks in the green leaves. I told them it grew very large because it grew on the cooling towers of the San Onofre nuclear power plant. I also mentioned that its large size made it a top quality herb and would make you glow after you smoked or ate it. Then I wen into my Medical Marijuana rap.