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Real THC Caps: Not Selling Anything

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No THC caps are sold on this webpage

This webpage advocates the alternative use of THC caps for medical marijuana. THC caps would be manufactured in 5% to 100% THC strength. The THC capsules would be made in a certified and licensed laboratory. The caps would then be sold in drug stores with a simple doctors script.

THC caps sold in a drug store are more safer, cheaper, and very accessible to the sick. Especially the poor/sick who cannot afford the insane illegal dispensory prices. THC caps would be a better distributiion method than trying to grow the perfect pot plant in a closet, selling legal pot at insane illegal prices and selling it by the dose in a dispensary with a unknown variable THC content. So, with THC caps and if you got cancer and living in NYC, you don't have to wait 30 years for the pot laws to change in NYC to get your medical pot