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Pot News Links

  • Why Big pharma sees potential in marijuana, and the hurdles it needs to overcome

  • Local originators of term 420 solve 45-year-old mystery

  • Scientists use yeast to brew marijuana ingredient THC

  • Autism & seizure pot cure


  • Marijuana cannabinoids - oral and transdermal methods

  • What Science Says About Marijuana..New York Times, July 30, 2014

  • Pot for seizures at 150-$250 for month supply to stop your kids seizures.

  • Legal Weed's Strange Economics in Colorado

  • Who Makes More Money: Colorado’s Legal Weed Dealers or Its Illegal Ones?

  • High Demand: Price of legal marijuana soars in Colorado

  • Why potheads love to get high

  • Federal Funding Cut for Marijuana Research ...
    Despite scant research exists to support marijuana’s health benefits

  • Medical marijuana facility partners with rapper with super pain pot

  • Pot promotes growth of memory cells: neurogenesis

  • Oldest pot stash from 2,700 years found in Gobi desert

  • As pot goes proper, a history of weed

  • Marijuana - The First Twelve Thousand Years History

  • CA Pot farmers way of life threatened

  • Marijuana use may increase risk of testicular cancer

  • Medical Marijuana pro/con ..actually a pro pot site

  • Teen pot use linked to later declines in IQ,but not if > 18

  • Pot has anti-Alzheimer's effects, just ask Willy Nelson

  • A compassionless crackdown on LA dispensaries

  • Pot-based prescription drug looks for FDA OK

  • Medical marijuana jeopardizes liver transplant

  • Frankenpot: genetically modified super pot

  • Pot growers move forests to CA farms

  • CA Napa bust turns up monster marijuana plants

  • Willie Nelson's Teapot Party

  • U.S. medical-marijuana shops struggle to find bankers to handle Credit Cards

  • Pot-cookie patient sentenced for airline uproar

  • Washington D.C. To Offer Lower Priced Medical Marijuana For The Poor

  • Medical marijuana barely dents Mexican drug trade

  • Weedmart: Marijuana Superstores. IPOs. Reality TV

  • Drugs: The Trouble with THC, 1-24-1969
    Ok i think I found where the THC came from that I was given 30 years ago

  • Marijuana Dispensaries Are Facing New Scrutiny

  • High fees hobble California marijuana ID card program

  • Lawmakers Eye Ways To Regulate MMJ or Repeal It

  • Medical marijuana for the masses

  • Medical Pot's new Battleground

  • When Capitalism Meets Cannabis

  • Where Marijuana Is a Point of Pride

  • WAMM Collective in Santa Cruz, CA
    The first and oldest (20 years) collective in CA founded before medical pot became legalized in CA. It serves only terminal patients. WAMM lawyers were responsible for writing proposition 215 in 1996. WAMM has only been raided once by the Feds. It happened before the 215 law. WAMM has never been busted by the state since it strictly follows the rules for a non-profit collective. Recently WAMM has opened its membership to all patients.

  • Colorado weighs difficulties of pot regulations

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol

  • Inhalation Marijuana as an Antiemetic for Cancer Chemotherapy

  • If Pure THC Pills are FDA-Approved, What's the Big Deal About Marijuana Potency?

  • Medical Use of Marijuana Costs Some a Job

  • Brian Vicente on law enforcement's medical marijuana "desperation

  • Radical Thoughts on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

  • Cooking with Marijuana: Blending a Balance of Potency and Taste

  • Weed goes mainstream in America

  • Washington D.C. law aims to make medical marijuana affordable for poor patients

  • Hash oil

  • Treating Diabetes with Cannabis?

  • Or, how much dough can a pot plant cost if a pot plant can cost dough?

  • MMJ Patients vs. Axis of Love ??

  • Don’t Call It ‘Pot’ in This Circle; It’s a Profession

  • S.F. pot-farm case goes up in smoke

  • Medical Marijuana: No Longer Just for Adults

  • States Pressed Into New Role on Medical Marijuana

  • Marijuana Licensing Fails to Chase the Shadows

  • Why is medical marijuana so expensive?

  • Medical cannabis should be priced justly

  • High medical marijuana prices leads to criminality

  • I Gots Mine

  • Medical pot $1,400/oz or $60 gram

  • Health Canada charging huge markup on medical pot

  • "The science of Pot", Time magazine, November 11, 2010.

  • Cover story: The United States of Amerijuana, Time Magazine, November 11, 2010

  • Real THC