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Medical Pot Legal Issues Links

  • On Aug 11, 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) refused to reschedule Pot as a schedule 1 drug saying it has no known medical use. Hours later, Clinton said she would change it to a schedule 2 drug if elected.

  • Ms Clinton has long advocated rescheduling marijuana as a schedule 2 drug. (Marinol is a schedule 3 drug)

  • Entrepreneurs eye emerging marijuana markets..USA Today

  • Legal Use of Marijuana Clashes With Job Rules

  • How to get rich in the Medical Marijuana Business (or go broke trying)

  • Pot's popularity, CA state law, create trying times for US prosecutors

  • Hands-off approach to pot applies to California, Justice Department official says

  • Senators examine federal marijuana laws as states' rules evolve

  • What's the right price for legal pot?

  • 19 legal Medical Pot states

  • Calif. pot dispensary owner gets 8 years from feds making $10,000 a day

  • Large Scale Pot Farms raping CA environment

  • Mykayla Comstock, Oregon Girl With Leukemia, Is 7-Year-Old Medical Marijuana Patient

  • Marijuana backers courting conservatives

  • Ryan: Don't interfere with legalized medical pot ...Sept 2012

  • Medical pot providers in Montan get jail time

  • President Obama's Rolling Stone Magazine interview on medical pot in July 2012

  • Marijuana Gateway to Health

  • California's pot party is over

  • Court rulings bode ill for CA medicinal pot July 29,2012
  • Feds threaten forfeiture of Harborside Health Center buildings

          U.S. Attorney: Why Iím busting Harborside Health Center

          Feds threaten forfeiture of Harborside Health Center

  • Michele Leonhart, DEA Chief, Won't Say Whether Crack, Heroin Are Worse For Health Than Marijuana

  • Some Southern California 'nonprofit' pot shops make big money

  • Obama and Marijuana: A Great Betrayal?

  • For Profits pot clubs are illegal under Federal law according to DOJ memos in 2009 and 2010

  • Feds move to seize two pot-club buildings in Novato, CA

  • CA Dispensaries can not be banned, but must grow pot on site

  • CA Judge throws out medical pot suit against the feds

  • Federal warning ends county truce with pot-growers in N California

  • Testing medical pot is a joke in CA

  • Feds Threaten Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

  • CA Supreme Court to rule on banning medical marijuna dispensories

  • Gentle ban' on pot shops sought by L.A. City Atty. Trutanich

  • Colorado becomes 3rd State to ask DEA to reclassify Marijuana as a Class 2 drug

  • Law Officers who oppose drug laws get canned

  • Governors Ask U.S. to reclassify Marijuana as a Schedule II drug.

  • L.A. council to debate whether to outlaw medical pot stores ...11-24-2011

  • CA Medical Marijuana Industry Is Unnerved by U.S. Crackdown

  • Cities seek an antidote to medical marijuana
    Costly Pot lawsuits do not always succeed, many municipalities have discovered

  • California court rules cities, counties can ban pot stores

  • Fed's tell CA pot dispensaries to shut down or face criminal charges.

  • CA Cities can't give permits to pot clubs, US court says

  • CA Medical marijuana dispensary ban case headed back to appeals court

  • 300 acer pot farm busted in Mexico, July 2011

  • Chaotic and contradictory marijuana laws in CA

  • U.S. decrees that marijuana has no accepted medical use

  • DEA refuses to change Pot as a Schedule 1 drug

  • Stoned drivers are uncharted territory

  • Medical pot growers face pressure from Feds

  • Feds shoot down commercial pot cultivation

  • US Supreme court Oks Physicans recommendations in 2003

  • Significant legal cases

  • Cannabisnews
  • Collective Cultivation vs. Cooperative Dispensaries

  • Collective or Cooperative?

  • What are the CA Attorney General Guidelines Mean for POT Collectives and Cooperatives?